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RipTide’s RipStick is your key to a world of revolutionary nicotine technology. Through intense consumer research and incredible, ultra-portable design, the RipStick brings the future of nicotine into the palm of your hand. With an impressive 380 mAh capacity rechargeable battery cell, sleek ergonomic shape and light yet durable feel, the RipStick is your go-to for full vaping satisfaction! When you pick this combo you get the sturdy RipStick Vape Pod Battery as well as a RipStick Vape Pod of the flavor and NicTech strength of your choosing. When you pick a RipStick Pod you don’t just get a rich, exciting flavor to satiate your tastebuds with – you are taking advantage of the scientifically advanced NicTech nicotine technology in each pod that gives you a richer, smoother experience every time, move over Juul! Get everything you needed for a delicious RipTide vaping experience and add this killer combo to your cart today!

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